it premieres

i've never been so ga-ga over a movie in my life, the last time it was over Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean, now it's Mr. Edward Cullen.

it premieres today, HERE in the beloved Philippines where islands come as one for a vampire!! i saw it on NatGeo that we had a vampire here once, i forgot the whole story though.
i can't wait until Saturday to watch the breathtaking, spine tingling, mouth drooling, heart pounding story (it's not just a movie..) with friends.

i hope it won't disappoint. coz actually, the movie is all in the readers' mind and if it doesn't live up to the readers' expectations then it fails to achieve its purpose in the movie field.

the movie has grossed over $70.6 million this opening week, a lot better i guess compared to Quantom of Solace. i never really had a thing for Mr. Bond.

this is so the opposite of me right now:-------------> Jafar Ecstatic Icon Pictures, Images and Photos
but in all honesty, i sure am ecstatic!!


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