finally! i earned myself the alone time.

plans were set for me this sem break but things turned out for the best. my college friends' plans for Leyte was abruptly halted and my masters' plans for Bantayan Island was ceased as well.
told ya it turned out for the best. i didn't want to bother my parents and ask them for money because that would be spoiled of me. i'm the thriftiest person i know.

so i'm set NOT to watch TV all day. that would be a bore.
i am set to read my meyer and coelho books.
yoga poses to work on.
recipes to perfect.
spanish to practice.
music to download.
and 3 out of 5 i'm almost done with.
so this is what free time is like. and it's almost slipping away.
classes will resume for me on Nov.3.

i have only a week until my free time will be a stranger to me again.
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