my greenlight + mamma mia +fight

joke time!!!
what fruit is horridly scary?
answer: ba-NA-NA-NA!!!
ahaha..i have no future in stand up comedy anyway, so yeah.

today was the results of the deliberation day.
a tragic day for those futures that's as bleak as their thoughts.
translation: my classmates are worried whether or not they may fail for this semester. i got myself the greenlight so i'm as good to go for next sem so as emma and madz, nicole and kat didn't check if they passed yet. i can't say as much for my other comrades though, poor things. i'm really sorry to hear aboout beng and kuya ken, i'll be missing them badly.

oh oh oh! another musical movie is currently ringing in my ears for hours now. remember that movie Mamma Mia!
i know it was Abba's songs but still..it was good, not great yet still good. yes, i lived through those times when Abba was the bomb! very proud also..

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i can't stand it if their fight goes on any longer. please kiss and make-up alreadY!!!
nicole please...
kath please...
i don't want to take sides anymore and the silent treatment that both of you are pulling off won't heal up those patches. i just wish you two would talk NOT text your issues away. oh don't let those tempers flare up too!
i love you guys, i can't stand us being like this.


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