tinie's debut and the infatuated vampire

And to think i didn't want to go to her debut because I got better things to do.
Well, I'm so so SO glad i went.

Tinie is 18 now and when you celebrate an 18th birthday, it should be with flare and pazzza's (did i spell that right?). Boardwalk resort at Compostela was the venue. Theme is Hawaiian.
I'm happy i'm meeting up with my close highschool friends, but silly Lao2 didn't tell us that this woud be an overnight event and that we were requried to swim on the pool right after. Geezz..so milay and me didn't bring our suits but i didn't let that ruin my night.

The usual 18 treasures(me in it), 18 roses and 18 candles were in place.
The fun part began right after the whole program.
There were drinks and lots of it! I preferred the Carlos de Rossi wine while the boys went straight on with the San Migs.
And the boy's innate competitive drinking nature began. The foods were darn great too.

You know some movie scenes were alcholics do awful things well, it was no where near awful that happened last night..it was really comical.
Alcholics are fun to be with. I mean by the fact, that they are unconsciously honest.
Ahahahaha. I had so much fun just throwing out random questions in the table and they give me the bluntest answers.

Lao2 was busy accomodating a lot of his friends and cousins. He eventually got the ball rolling coz he was the culprit providing us woth 2 cases of beers and wines. I held on to the wine..ahaha. I didn't want to get drunk. Plus, wine has naturally good benefits compared to beer.

Jessie and Galo were jokers. They'll come up with the most ridiculous jokes in he most perfect of all timing. They got a lot of icing on their face coz they were all hyper that night.

Baron arrived around 12am. He was drunk shortly right after, and he was talking sleepily and I enjoyed asking him irrelevant outta this world question until things got serious and he was talking about his dad, his broken heart, his Anglela, his Milay, his past, his future. I didn't mind that kind of conversation. I enjoyed his honesty. The funny part was that he lost his ring in a pool (which he evetually got back in the morning), he wanted to drive and when you add up a drunk dude and his car that would be disastrous. I prevented him from such and we continued talking.

Milay was drinking her wine and had her few glass shots. She was giddy about Tom sitting beside me and holding my hand. I don't even know the dude. But he was just being comical so I forgave him. Milay wanted to swim so badly and her nerves kind fo shot up in the air when Baron came. But I did notice around 3am that both of them were getting comfier and comfier. baron's her ex and i understand the need for his ex's touch.

And oh, i met this cutest guy last night (lots of eye candies i might add). His name is Tom. I don't know if he can even remember my name coz he was partially drunk. Man, was he the most fun to be with.
Oh and did i mention that he was slapped on the face by his couzin jus coz he didn't want to leave yet..he wanted to stay until the wee morning of the night with us.
And I'm glad he did.
He is so so fun to be with. He was sitting beside me the whole time so I was uber ecstatic.
Poor darling was shivering from the cold too.
He was holding my hand. got goosebumps just typing it.
Everyone else kinda found him intriguing and very witty. He's a sweetie. I do hope I get to see him sooner..like in lao2's birthday this saturday.

Oh! i didn't sleep the whole time too and when i got home. I was just to ecstatic from the party and from Tom.
I was an infatuated vampire last night. What with not sleeping and not getting drunk at all.

Pictures soon!


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