i read TWILIGHT!

and i did it!
i had the guts to ask Gale if i could borrow the first book of Twilight.
and she lent it... and in world reacord time- i read it under 18 hours.
I got the goosebumps and kilig factor from this book!
My fave part is when they were at the meadow and Edward sparkling's skin caught Bella by surprise and then the his-and-hers revelation part.

So here it is..my review:

by Stephenie Meyer

I didn't want to have to hear about a story of vampires coz i thought this kind of plot was already extinct. Hello, we have wizards now..and the word constant change always rings my bell. So it's hello vampires and bye bye wizards.

The book is amazingly intoxicating. It definitely hit all the high risky notes.
Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen are perfect for each other. But I think Bella has a dependency problem...she's definitely too attched to him- well, he is her first love so i could cut her some slack for that. She didn't have to do much to get Edward falling for her either. It's her smell and kind of simlarity in personality and he knows it.

Most of the time i was shrieking in excitement and being all giddy during their most kilig parts. And the ending got me screaming in shock and excitement!

Oh wow...i wonder if Gale can lend me the second book?
*concucts evil scheme*


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