olympics 08 i heart!

I didn't care.

that was until my papa and brother kept bugging me to watch the TV...
and what a sight to see... the stadium, the vibrancy of it all. I wished I was there.

Once-reclusive China commandeered the world stage Friday, celebrating
its first-time role as
Olympic host with a stunning display of pageantry and
pyrotechnics to open a
Summer Games unrivaled for its mix of problems and

Now ascendent as a global power, China
welcomed scores of
world leaders to an opening ceremony watched by 91,000
people at the
eye-catching National Stadium and a potential audience of 4
billion worldwide.
It was depicted as the largest, costliest extravaganza in
Olympic history,
bookended by barrages of some 30,000 fireworks


And to think that Pres. Bush went there after the Chinese people kind of disliked him. And oh! he is the first ever American President to watch the Olympics on a foreign soil.

You and Me from One Nation!

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