bring your enemies closer

never thought an enemy (yes, i wrote about her in my previous post with such hate) would be such a goofball and a friend!

maybe it's coz of all the duty days (that's a whole month!) we had togther. we totally spilled out secrets. she really is such a ball to be with. and our previous feud was so foolish that if i look back on it, i just scratched my head and said "how pathetic were we right?"

but my heart is crushing:

reason no. 1: the Opening olympics at Beijing was a fake! the fireworks part, the dude running with the torch in hand was also fake, i wonder what other trickies that are yet to be revealed, darn it..that really disappointed me.

reason no. 2

my scores in my exam didn't do so well. i got the highest in my Pharmacology and Medical Surgical but i still failed from what i actually aimed for.

reason no.3

micheal phelps is winning 6 gold medals in a row! and philippines has notta won any...tsk tsk.

reason no.4




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