let's recap

Ok so my mom is totally looking over my shoulder, no wait she's sitting right beside while she's looking over my shoulder. Oh darn it, she's really actually looking over my shoulder and watching me surfing the net. Oh gosh this is weird. Please go away mom, please.

She's gone. for the meantime that is..
I wana recap all the hooplas of July.

Fave Movie:

Perfume: The Story of A Murderer
Look it up on IMDB.com and be awed by their numerous awards and niminations. Another spine tingling duel between love and cold blooded murder, only this time the murderer loves to smell things and believe me when I say that his perfume is outta this world!!

Fave new TV Show:

house,MD Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh Mr. Gregory House, who doesn't know you? seriously... And yes Chace you are pretty. OH yeah did I mention that we have a dummy on our school named Mr. Chace (very obvioulsy named after him i might say)

Fave color:
still yellow...hehe

Favorite Line: "I'm not meant to fit in because I was born to stand out"
oh diba?ehehehe.

-did I ever mention about the Student Body Organization thing? that I was running for 3rd year representative but I lost in it coz only the first five who got the highes votes are to be inducted in, but the heavens smiled upon me last night when my phone started ringing and I got this call from our SBO vice president, Matoy Entero, she told me that one of the year reps resigned so I was next in line to be the junior year rep... HELL YEAH or OH NO???

-waaahh..i'm terribly trying to find someone who has Twilight books in my class. Olny 3 of my classmates knows about it, and Rhea has it but she doesn't share coz the book is TOO precious to be handled..huhu. what a kill joy. off to more searching then.

-and i hear someone has the same blogskin as mine. well i dont blame him or her, its a really cool skin. how there seems to be a light hitting off the layie makes it dramatic.

-and midterms is next week...eekk!

Oh my she's back. Be cool ching. And don't let her see your blog!


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