im so tanga-erz!

blogging about my duty is hard work.
so ill just blog about what happened.

and man was i super tanga-erz! that's Bisaya for hhmmm...dumb, silly or not paying attention at all!
just look what it cost me..huhu
three of my friends and i rode on a taxi to the health center. i was so giddy and excited that i voluntarily paid for the fare (i decided to be generous today!) what i didn't realize was that i actually gave more than what the meter said...
i realized my mistake hours later that had happened. i was so down the whole day that i didn't even take my lunch nor did i finish enrolling for next sem.

i was never good at handling with money. but not once did i lose them i was just too tanga-erz to get my change from the taxi driver. and that no good driver didnt even come back to give the rest of the money..darn him!

what i learned today:
1. always and i mean ALWAYS take note of the taxi's plate number, you never know what might happen.
2. some taxi drivers are weasling in on your money so better watch out!

PS #1
i'm putting at the end of my blog my "what i learned today" bits. it might come in handy for some.

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