the Death Note finish

[X] finish reading Death Note. check!

I rarely read comics but this one blew me away. What a psychological thriller! This captures everything that made the manga the compelling read that it is.

Light Yagami is the hero and villain at the same time. It taps the issue on what justice really is. Remember, Red is the color of life. (yummy apples..)
I wouldn't want Ryuk nor Rem being my shinigami. *shudders* Oh yeah, i wonder what happens to Amane Misa. . .
Thank you Kat C. for introducing me to do this.

Duration time it took me to read this: March 15 - May 10, 2008 (This has 108 chapters..phew!)

On the topic of Death note. well, this is freaky...

On September 28, 2007, two notes stating "Watashi wa Kira dess" (a more phonetic
spelling of 私はキラです or "Watashi wa Kira desu," meaning "I am Kira" in Japanese)
were found near the unidentified remains of a Caucasian male. Nothing was found
on or near the victim besides these two notes. Belgian police are investigating
the matter further.



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