tis ur delight that catches fire

Sweeney Todd:
Tis your delight sir catching fire from one man
to the next.

Judge Turpin:
Tis true sir love can still inspire
the blood to pound the heartly pyre. What more
can man require?

Ahaha...that's from the song Pretty Women OST-Sweeny Todd.
I still can't get enought of it.
And earlier this morning, 3 of my friends and I watched Sweeney Todd.
Snacks in hand, feet raised and we cozied ourselves up.
And to my success, they love the movie as well. nyahahaha

I've burned them CDs of the soundtrack coz I know they'll eventually want it.
I kind of have this mind reading thing. LOL

My 8 hour classes a day aka PPCM is over! yey!
But the finals exam for that would be next thursday so I am officially having a study time for that. If i fail that exam then it's gonna be all over for me. I'll go kaboom in seconds.

let's have another...

to kat:
my friends have their rubik's cube in hand and they can only seem to solve only one color. ahaha
ive suggested to them the link you gave me and they swore that they'll go to that site.
oh yeah..how long did it take u to solve ur rubiks?
another thing, the death note link you gave kind of don't work.
when i click a link the comic wont show up.
waaahhh...hope you could help me out on that.

to athirah:
it's almost you birthday atr!
tell me what time youll be online this saturday so i can greet you on time..woohoo!
do u want me to buy a cake for you?

oh and i love the love pollution layout link..
i think im gonna use it on my friendster..thanks!
so..hows jc? have you found any bandmates?

to sarah:
i miss you srah!
i'm sorry if i cant chat with you as much anymore..
i was busy that time.
hope u understand.

to qisti:
i was going through ur blog and i read that ur a member of the echelon...cool!
u like 30STM also???
weeeee...do u have their album?
their album is the bomb!
wats ur fave song?

to mykkie:
me want linkie to ur fanfic..
fanfics are addicting i must say..ahaha

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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