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madz is one of the those artistic friends i have that conjures up anything from her head and ends up either making a caricature of us, a comic, an abstract, an anime character, chibis...

well..you name it she draws it..

mcr comic by miss red hair

a comic by madz

characters in it would be me (the one with the headband and obsessing over gerard), madz and emma. my last name is Apa-ap, so they always poke fun of me coz it sounds like "Up-up and away" kinda like the superman thing...ahaha

the 2nd part would be me over-anticpating madz's call about the Umbrella thing she got for me..ahaha. it was not just some silly umbrella after all.

Here's the direct link to THAT!

And i must tell you how i love the soundtrack from the Sweeney Todd movie!

Oh i really truly willfully do...
I couldn't stand not downloading the songs so i did! (piracy, i know...so sorry)

Care to listen? Care to DL? Please do HERE.

Sung by:
Johnny Depp- Sweeney Todd
Helena Bonham Carter- Mrs. Lovett
Sacha Baron Cohen- Mr. Adolfo Pirelli
Jamie Cmapbell Bower- Anthony
Alan Rinkman- Judge Turbin
Edward Sanders- Toby
Timothy Spall- Bamford

My favorites would be:
By the Sea
Worst Pies in London
Pirelli's Miracle Elixir
Not While I'm Around
Pretty Women
No Place like London
A lIttle Priest
Green Finch and Linnett Bird
Ladies In Their Sensitivities

this is an A+++ in my the musical genre.



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