kme's 18th bday/pool party

Who: You
What: Kme's 18th birthday
When: March 28, 08
Where: IPI
How: Hawaiian
Why: uuhh..why not?

So a Heypy berthday to kme my dear!
The food was great.
Everyone looked great
And the after pool party was a blast.
I drowned for another minute or so but all of us still managed..

It's so fun hanging out with them…maybe coz we arent around with each other so much that we long for each other's presence. Sweet huh?
They are the same people I was with at Bohol.
Well, I did kinda long someone's presence there..
He was there but he's such a wallflower. He's not the talkative type. But sometimes he actually is.
I miss him. There! I said it!
Good thing we had that opportunity to be with each other.





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