atr, the birthday girl

well, lookie lookie who's turning 17 today...


a happy birthday to my good friend, athirah!
*pops party poppers*

you're the best rocker, MCR soldier, frank-loving, down-to-earth, musically-influenced friend i ever had..

stay optimistic and dont let jc pull you down..
so go ahead and...
form a band
dance to your heart's content
sing your lungs out
reach you dreams
and oh yeah, do great in school too!

didnt i tell you, ill buy you a cake?
and look a candle!
better blow it out before it melts on the whole thing...
and now i shall sing you a happy birthday!
my voice kinda cracked later on...my apologies! LOL

it's double dutch roll..yummy!

so how's your bday been going?


0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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