super pissed off!

is it right to bottle up all those negative vibe in me?
is it right that i should keep to myself all the anger spewing up in my veins?
well, N-O!

im that super pissed off by my friends slash groupmates because that attitude of theirs won't get us finished on the movie on time.
I mean, I'M the one who's editing the movie.
I'M the one bringing the digital camera.
I'M the one working my arse off to even borrow that digicam in the first place.
shall i coninue?
I'M the one bringing the laptop so i could show them the movie drafts.
I'M the one bringing some of their costumes.
I'M the one reminding them for shootings everyday, lastly
I'M the one who got a boo-boo!
and it still hasn't healed if i may say so.

"nah, i'm too tired"
"can we do that tomorrow? we have lotsa time for that"
"i havent memorized my lines"
"im scared of the dogs at their house"
"im too shy to enter their home"
All i hear is blady blady bla from them...

Why can't anyone be responsible at all?
Can't they do their part?
Complaining won't get us anywhere and making excuses for not coming to the shoot is just rubbish to my ears. Oh pish posh!
I hate this.
It's like being back in highschool.
I was the same person before which I promise myself that I wouldn't because I don't want to be the person who'll be everyone's doormat!
I was a doormat in highschool and now in college also?
No way Jose!

When I'm in "sapot" mode, I never EVER let:
anyone talk to me,
bug me,
call me,
text me,
ask me questions,
make me laugh,
tickle me,
nor offer me food.
They'll get a beating, ranting, berrating from me that they'll never forget!
Lord..please help!


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