my first hospital exposure

The only reason i'm not blogging as much:

coz it's happening... the inevitable part of my nursing studies is happening!
We were grouped a week before we were to report to our respective destinations.

So here's ours:
Group 37
please report to North General Hospital from Monday (jan 21) to
Wednesday at exactly 5:45 with your clinical jumpers on and requriements on
hand. Look for Ms. Benabay.

So many things ran through my head concerning that.
Well, for one thing: this our first ever hospital exposure.
and that equals to seeing blood, pukes, medications and everything else all rolled into one.
Secondly, i hear that ms. benabay is a pain in the you-know-where.
Thirdly, i have no idea how to make my requirements, bummer!

Our very first day:
I woke up at 3am. Emma gave me a ride. We were almost late for that matter coz of the jeepney i rode went flat and it was raining oh so hard.

We were there. We were oriented to the area, we already have our patients, we had a little tour around, and we monitored for vital signs.

Not so hard huh? but it's inclusive with all the wailing and reprimanding teacher of ours. she's an additional stress factor to our heads. Plus, we stood for about 3 hours which was allowable for the time being.

I know this is confidential stuff. so i'll be keeping some of my classmates' patient issues all to myself. but i can tell you is that i have a post partum mother for a patient. she was weary but still nice. she had just gave birth to her second child around 4 am (probably by the time my jeepney went flat on me, grr!)

We did nursing assessment and then we were off to the campus.
That ends my first day.

My second day didnt go as smooth as a baby's bottom though until later:
Barely had 3 hours of sleep. I spent all night making NCP and Ng. assessment.
I was yelled at coz i didnt do the proper layout for the student's load, i had a big paper bag with me the whole time so thats a big no no.

Actually, i really love today a lot better than yesterday. We actually did something for our patients. I even helped out my other classmates coz some of them had to deal with pediatrics that are beyond their control. crying a lot, u know. We actually did some work! We even made friends to the head nurses from CDU. yey! In realization, Ms. benabay is a softie, we have this love-hate relationship with her coz she gets pissed off easily coz we ask too many questions, LOL.

psstt.. we were standing for 8 hours straight. i was dizzy and lightheaded most of the time and i strangely acquired bruises on my feet after our shift.

I was doing something productive for others which is a really good thing that im feeling right now. i really do want to help even putting a smile on their faces makes my day. i learned so much today. too bad our hospital duty ends tomorrow, i was kinda getting used to our teacher in charge.

I expect the third and last day tomorrow is way better os any way the Lord wants it to be.


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