let me tear myself up

*gasping for air*
oh my oh my!
Remember this interview?

well, i made my time useful and watched the movie with emma at her house.
i was so friggin excited coz im gonna know what gerard was talking about the whole time.

The movie is Bridge to Terabithia.

Bridge To Terabithia

Bet you've heard of it...no?
The only reason i watched it coz gerard watched it. ahaha
I'll soon be reading on Catcher in the Rye and Heart-Shaped Box. (yes, he read those too.)
Wow, some movie that was. I'll definitely include that on my MOVIES-THAT-MADE-ME-CRY collection.
I'll post on that soon enough.

This is not the usual fantasy movie that you'd expect, this was all too different to begin with. I warn you, I'm awful in making reviews so please bear with me.

It was about about Jess, a really artistic boy and Leslie (she was Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate factory), the really adventurous and imaginative girl. They became friends, fought with trolls, sqou-gars and the dark master. You'll know what i mean. They discover terabithia not with entering into a magical wooden closet *wink wink* or riding at the King's Cross Station for transportation.

They enter terabithia with their 'eyes closed and their minds wide open'. I love that line!

This made me crawl into my shell and cry my eyes out because Leslie died on her way to terabithia while Jess was out with her teacher at the museum. Leslie was like the girl version of him only she's richer and can kick his but in running.

The death of a really close friend seemed to change the way people treated him. They're much nicer. It was pure drama and fantasy.

Oh gerard, you have such good taste with movies!


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