so lost

I'm still so frustrated and bitter about what happened yesterday.

Here's the thing, our class had our first ever community visit at Brgy. Mantuyong, Mandaue to survey the land and interview four poverty-stricken families about their lifestyle and health. Nicole and I paired up. We got there at 11am and we had to get back to the chapel by 12:30pm which was to be our meeting place. We got through the first three families with smooth sailing but by the fourth family we kind of stretched the time limit. One of the mothers since there were two of them in the house then asked us about ITP, a condition her daughter has which its effects are small red spots on the skins and almost having no hair at all. Nicole and I were too nice to stop her from her talking after all that would be so rude in the first place. We let her talk for about a good 20 minutes then we got to the interview. Dang that took us a while to finish. It was already 1:10pm.

We said our thank yous and goodbyes then when we got back to the chapel, not one familiar face was there. Immediately we though we were stranded! And we were! They left us! Nobody cares! How're we gonna get back to school? WHERE'RE YOUR FRIENDS WHEN YOU NEED THEM? HUH?

We made calls and found out the whole class were already back at school!!! Aarrgghh.. I could see steams coming out from Nicole's ears that moment. Well, it's a good thing I know my way a bit around Mandaue. We got on a jeep to SM then rode a taxi from there to school.

We were so super angry at them that we gave them the cold shoulder. I mean, come one! How would they feel if they were the ones in our place? I can't believe they didn't even thought of us. How could they be so insensitive. Crap! How could they do this to us? Aarrgghh...

We didn't talk to them for the whole afternoon. I cooled off and I kind of just shaked all that just happened. I was still giving them the cold shoulder but by the time we had STS we were already laughing as if nothing even happened.

I was a bit angry on Kathy and Emma. Not one of them asked what happened to us and why we weren't on the bus on time. Well, at least Madz and Maian cared.

I'm cool with Emma but I'm starting to doubt Kathy's friendship. She's a cold (insert name calling here).

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