i've just

my "i've just" list:

i've just ate my second bowl of spaghetti. Stomach is hurting.
i've just finished watching the movie Lucky Number Slevin. it was amazing and i'm so loving gangster movies right now.
i've just realized that today is my parents' wedding anniversary. i have no idea how many years they are now because they too can't keep track.
i've just asked permission from mother if i could go to Bohol with my friends this december 26 to 29. and she said yes! woohoo!
i've just had a fit with my brother because he won't give me my turn on the computer.
i've just downloaded Britney Spear's new song "piece of me". it's really upbeat and it's just the way i like it.
i've just realized that the new band i'm loving, Faber Drive, is Canadian. they're videos second chance and tongue tied are a thumbs up on my book.
i've just counted all my gifts and it totals to 4.


PS. i think i'm going to be sick. i keep coughing hard, my throat hurts and my head is throbbing hard.


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