the best and worst christmas party evah!

Venue: IT Park Lahug. Cebu City
When: Dec. 21, 2007 6pm
Why: Christmas Party

This has got to be the best and the worst christmas party ever!

The best parts:

- I so got what I want for christmas but i won't be blogging it down until christmas day..(sshhh...) I actually cried because of what my manita gave me. Can't stop them tears falling.

- I was so looking good in what I wore: pink mini jacket, black sleeveless shirt under that, black pedal pants and my pink chuck taylor boots to go with it. I was looking like i'm in the 'hood. ahaha, did that sound right?

- all 6 of us went to the party. 3 out of 6 did not make it last year. So yey for this year!

- i partied with ana's buds this time. they're such a fun gang

The worst parts:

- the christmas party was cut short because of the heavy rain

- emma and kathy went home too early. oh well!

yey! so the best outweighs the worst... what a party!
pics will come later...

i'm a very happy monkey indeed!

PS. i just realized that this is my 100th post! hoorah for internet and all the people in my life. without you, there really would have been no blogging for me in the first place.


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