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Let me take you back to August this year, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is a month long festivity once a year filled with acts from comedy, theatre, music, arts, etc. in the heart of Edinburgh. My friend and I finally decided to go and see The Lady Boys of Bangkok because of its interesting reviews from my friends. It wasn't bad. I've seen better though. But by the end of the show, the acts were getting better despite its mediocre production.

We went out for some Greek food later on, only to forget its names because they were either unmemorable or didn't suit my palette. We strolled down Royal Mile to find people dancing along to a Scottish-Reggae band playing by the sidewalk. I would have done a step or two if I hadn't worn heels. We went out some more to see some free shows and finally ended with coffee and conversations until midnight. It was a pleasant day and probably the only day of that month that I could go out considering I was working so much lately ever since I got my visa extended for another 2 years. Yey.

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lauren, curious constellation said...

We have a similar festival here in South Africa and I love it 'cause you get to experience things you normally would never have. Although I must admit that some shows do turn out to be serious duds.

Anonymous said...

Cool post :)

Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

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