Graduation Celebration 2012

It was so nice to celebrate an eventful phase in my life with friends and lover. I have just graduated from Edinburgh's Telford College. I now have an HND in Social Services. It was held on a lovely afternoon at Usher Hall and it was surreal to see all of us gather round and strut our stuff as we grab our diplomas across the stage. I remembered walking across that and I was waving my scroll towards my lecturers. Without them, we would never have been pushed to our limits. They are truly one of a kind.

I remember how stressful this has been for my coursemates and I because this course has been fast tracked for us which means that everything had to be done double time. There was no room for failures or remediations. With all that hardwork and numerous acne breakouts, everything had come to a conclusion, as well as a beginning for me.

My family may not have been there but I know they send their love and best regards.

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Chyrel Gomez said...

The first photo makes me go.. Awwwww... <3

Congrats, too! =)

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