awake my soul

I have gone to purple. I would have gone a bit lighter but they were out of lavender.

There's something about new hair that gives me the feeling of being reborn. What is up with my life, you say? My relationship with J is crumbling. He doesn't treat me nice. It's not that he abuses me or anything... he just doesn't care. Time is love. And he doesn't have both. I think this is best though. I deserve better.

I bought him  Irish whiskey from my trip to Belfast. I guess he's not getting any.

4 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

MySpecialAgent said...

You DO deserve better! You are beautiful and deserve someone who will love and respect you.

iloveyouvalentine said...

if he doesn't treat you the way you deserve i hope you find happiness :)

the hair also looks beautiful!

Femme Virtue said...

love love love ur hair!

Tifa said...

Love your hair!! Makes me want to dye it purple too O_O

And aww hun I know how u feel. *hugs :( Sigh stay strong !!!! sending u lots of love

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