i'll obey a cheer tonight

First few shots from my Samyang 8mm. Notice how I don't have much of a location to test this out. It's either my flat, college or work. Mundane I know.

Right, so I may have a bit of a social life but I don't bring my camera with me for fear of spills, hits and losses. And then there's me passing out. 

I'll post more proper ones soon.

5 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

Helena said...

Amazing photos!!!


laura said...

I love these fisheye shots!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

sara l said...

thanks for your sweet comment!
your blog is so amazing, can't get enough of it !!!! (::

Christina said...

"And then there's me passing out." Hah, so much for making the font smaller, Ching!!

yiqin; said...

beautiful <3

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