the ice skating experience

Born and raised in a tropical country means I know only the sun and rain. So when my friend told me that we'll go skating, I thought she meant roller blading. Only then did I realize that she meant ice skating. I was excited to finally wear those blades but the fear of falling has gotten to my head more than actually enjoying the whole thing.

I was just glad that I can stand on ice with those blades but actually moving in the ice rink got me so shaky that I eventually fell a lot. I learned all the basics from her though so I was glad she was there. Kids circling around me was kind of intimidating but I didn't care anymore, I just want to skate! haha Everyone else had to endure my swearing (in my native tongue) and Ola found it funny the whole time. Well, if I listened to myself I would be in hysterics as well.  I had to always think to bend forward, knees together, lift leg, move gracefully and not to panic.

And when I can finally skate, I panic. Typical me.

6 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Rinny said...

Aww I hope you had fun at least! I've only been iceskating once and like you, I fell down a lot. It was still a lot of fun though :)

Annika said...

beautiful photos :)
don't you just love skating?


Sara said...

ice skating is fun. i have to do it next time cause i haven't done it this season

arttu said...

Oh, the joy of ice skating! I've been doing it my whole life but I don't really enjoy it... Thanks to school P.E. and ice hockey games :-D

Diana said...

ah i love ice skating! i'm terrible at it too though :) at least you look adorable! xo


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

this post got me so excited to go ice skating this winter, and nice photography!


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