she's long gone

 I finally found the time to do this, blogging and outfit post. 

It has been a while because everyday has been a mix of cries and smiles. I guess majority of the cries are boy problems. After being hurt so many times, I've felt my heart slowly turning into an igneous rock which is a good thing for me. On the other hand, my smiles have been a result of gaining new friends who excessively parties. But hey, I don't get that drunk and pass out on the streets. Oh no no. I'm the responsible drinker type (who tends to cry hysterically at times).

9 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

jessica wu said...

love this! your top is beautiful, and those shoes are hard core LOVE


Peach said...

i love your see through shirt! :)
you shouldn't worry that much for boys! they don't really deserve that importance! i know it can hurts, but try to leave your heart and mind open to new experiences: not every boy is a stupid! xxx

Christina said...

To hell with boys who make you cry. Life's so much easier when good friends are around.

Bree said...

Hihi! Aww, boy drama sucks dude, but don't worry. You'll find the right guy! In the meantime, just party and have fun!

XoXo, Bree
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sugar sugar said...

we all go through that stage with guys and i hope you feel better soon. :)

rebecca said...

ouch, hope things get better in the guy department, just remember that they're all bastards and that generally tends to get my through! xxx

Paula said...

It's been a while Ching, sorry :) Hope your heart mends quickly. I really love the second B&W shot of you here :)

Nina. said...

Lovely top, second black & white pic is fab.
Boys toys, don't worry that much. Had similar thing, but it's his miss, not mine. Someone out there special is waiting for us! :D
So hit the parties with these new fellas and put that smile on your face again! :D xxx

Chelsea Lane said...

holy. beautiful. photos. I absolutely love this look on you! your styling is awesome :)


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