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I was looking through my photos and I don't think I've shared this before.

This idea was from http://faceyourpockets.com/ and the process is to scan yourself and your treasured items and share it online. I like how clever and artistic people got with this project. My scans are soooo 2009 and I should really make an updated version. Having my face scanned actually felt warm and painless. Opening the eyes while scanning can be a bit sore though because of the very bright light.

Go ahead and give your pretty face and your valuables a scan. Provide me a link of your photos because I want to see yours. :)

12 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

Andreea said...

What a great idea:) Memories are so important!

♥ Kisses ♥

Thrill of the heel

Lena said...

So cute ^_^

Janelle Moran said...

u really did scan urself... i mean put ur face against the scanner? hahaha. :D

wobblinbetty said...

oh yes I remember faceyourpocket site, it was fun!
loving your version

Rachael said...

Haha that looks so fun!

arttu said...

The idea of this is so great! But I don't think I'd look good on the scan... :-D

Christina said...

Definitely doing this after exam week!

Amylou said...

cute idea! I've never thought about doing that before!

Zabrinah said...

Preserving memories are so important! I don't know why we don't do it more often!

And the first week of August was a blur for me too. The whole summer was a blur. I don't know where it went.


Sara Levy said...

Gonna do this! <3


Nico said...

lemme try scanning my face. the thing is i dont want my scanner to get oily eeek!!!! my dad's gonna kill me if there are smudges on his PDFs. :P

great project for me though!!!!

ludmilla doll said...

love this post!me too i wanna do it!:D your really a good artist and I ador eevry pictures on your blog girl ;)

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