bend the light, pretend pt. deux

Photographed by Joanna Blusiewicz (at the Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh)

This series of 'Lucille' (which is my real first name) by Joanna has ended now but she has more to show you on those links above. Her dreamy and oftentimes cinematic photos are inspiring and breathtaking.

21 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

AiRene said...

Wow, these photos are such amazing! Absolutely beautiful!


xo, AiR

jessica wu said...

wow. absolutely STUNNING. i'm in love with these photos.

great outfit too :D


KINGA said...

great photos! :) they are amazing! xx,K.
ps thank you for your lovely comment !.
Yeah, the weather in Poland is crazy: sometimes rain, sometimes the sun. xx,K.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

such lovely shots. xx

weasel said...

Once again, beautiful photos!

Andrés Corella said...

Ohhh the second picture!! So beautiful..the rest are great too..love the soft colors

The Black Label

Miss Independent said...

i love that picture of u leaning against the tree! so beautiful...

Aubrey and Melissa said...

Really beautiful photos. I particularly love the black and white in the tree. Artistic and beautiful.

a l e x i s † (amgoorie) said...

oh wow your totally right, absolutely breath taking and beautiful!

alexis xo

Monroe Steele said...

cool photos

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Pineapple Monsters said...

Great photos!



Andreea said...

Very beautiful photos, i can feel the romantic vibe:)

♥ Kisses ♥


Rebecca Clairine said...

great outfit !
love ur hat <33


Your Living Mannequin said...

your photos are amazing! I love your blog! I started following you.



Anastasia said...

Your comments really made my week! :D
I have a lot more nail art ideas! I'll upload them next month :D

I love your photos! There's something special about them, but I can't describe it... :D So beautiful!


Jo said...

Your real name is Lucille? I love learning new things about my blogger friends.

If Joanna your friend? The photos are absolutely dreamy! It's so cool to have such photos taken!

I think I'll spend some time clicking on the links above now!

em.me.ma said...

aren't you pretty!


Ramona said...

so dreamy, so romantic and so beautiful!

xoxo Ra

Shels415 said...

Great pictures! Very dreamy!


Mars said...

Breathtaking photos! I especially like the 3rd one.
Mars of fashion insouciance

Sara Levy said...

These pictures are simply awesome. Really I'm on love <3


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