she paints her fingers with a close precision

Things that I need to remind myself to not do while waiting for a bus on a bus stop:

  • suddenly bursting into a song number, most especially a love ballad, with matching hand gestures and facial expressions
  • fart inside the pod
  • stand behind or beside someone (depending which direction the wind is going) who smokes
  • forgetting my bus card
  • checking my reflection on the different buses passing by 'coz the other person behind the glass might freak out
  • getting distracted by luxury/ sports cars that the actual bus might pass by me
  • getting distracted by beautiful people on the other side of the road who're waiting for the bus as well
Well that's me. My bus stop bloopers are just endless really. 

8 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

SomeKindOfStyle said...

such lovely blouse love the nude colors this summer! xoxo

Andrés Corella said...

Hehe..love the bursting into a song...I´d be next to you I´ll follow haha...Love the jacket!

The Black Label

Dominique B. said...

love the top! and your hair!


tasha faye said...

hahaha! you are so adorable. +YOUR HAIR, YOUR HAIR, YOUR HAIR, I JUST LOVE SO MUCH. xxx

Lena said...

Nice photos!

Becky said...

Cute post!! x


VeRo! said...

you look so beautiful!!!!


Raji said...

Haha if that's just you waiting at the stop your bus journeys must be absolutely epic!
Love love love your hair, so gorgeous

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