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A friend of mine was invited to a gathering at the Himalayas Vegetarian Cafe and I just happened to tag along. In a social setting, I would naturally crawl in a shell and put my "smiley" face on but I was glad they were all so welcoming and accepting. I gradually felt the ease and when I saw a stack of tarot cards on a table, I believed that things were going to get interesting. When the man said "who wants to go first?", both of us did the usual point and "you go first!" move. I went second but that didn't stop us from learning what our true selves were saying to us. 

For my first ever tarot card reading, I was truly amazed. The reading wasn't really about determining what my future will be because the future is always changing nor was it about material things. It was about being aware of my deep spiritual being and in what state I'm in. I couldn't fathom how my reading was so full of hope that I could have burst with joy when I left that gathering. Basically, he said that I have that God-given power in me that needs to be unleashed and to be shared. I have the self-knowledge and wisdom to pursue for the things that I need to know. I'm not quite sure about the full of wisdom part though. He mentioned a lot more, but those words really stuck to me. I felt quite enlightened after that and I'm pretty much determined to respond to that revelation.

After some tea, cookies, massages and music, we had to go. What a beautiful experience it has been to have met them.

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Andrés Corella said...

Wow that´s cool...I love the whole tarot card reading thing..I find it quite interesting...glad you have a great time

The Black Label

tasha faye said...

oh wow! i wish i could get my own tarot card reading as well. what a beautiful and wonderful time you had. (: xxx

arttu said...

Ohh so cool! tarot cards are so interesting and i'd definitely like to have somebody to read them to me too!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

So so lovely. I believe you, as we all are, really are full of wisdom and deep down in us know exactly what we need to do.
So whatever it is in your case, go for it. :-)


wobblinbetty said...

I never had a tarot card reading... must be an amazing experience!
loving these pics

Jewellery Bijou said...

I am your new follower,I would really appreciate if you could follow me back!

Vy Nguyen said...

i have always wanted to get a tarot reading. at one point i was going to buy tarot cards and figure how to do them myself to me hahaha. Lucky I didn't end up doing it. Also, is the fury dream catcher yours? first time i have ever seen one, SO TRIPPED OUT.

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