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The climb to the hill wasn't particularly treacherous only that the place was freezing cold. Every second I take my hand out to brush away the hair from my face draws my  hand closer to frostbites. Calton Hill has a beautiful view of Edinburgh especially at night. The lights from the busy highway and the steadfast castle from afar is breathtaking.
01,02,03 at Calton Hill
2nd photo is from faith's camera

Our trip to the National Museum of Scotland. I've only gone to 3 museums in my life and I have to say, the place is modernized and has interactive information boards. I get to touch some of the stone walls with the intricate Celtic carvings and some treasure chests of the past. There's a lot more to see rather than from what I've posted but here are few others from the museum:

04 some white ivory chesspieces
05 stained glass
06 a portrait of a bewitching ceremony
07 Mary, Queen of Scots

Funny how I walk away from groups during these kind of historical trips. I tend to stray away from the flock and just get lost in all the history. I take my time in the world and I particularly enjoyed it.

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VeRo! said...

lovely photos! I hope you have good time! :D


Lindsey N. said...

Oh, how wonderful! I would love to see those things someday. Great pictures!

I'm the same way-I'd rather discover things on my own than as part of a tour group-I just like to completely immerse myself in the culture!

Lindsey Soup

Becky-May said...

Beauitful pictures! I love your blog :)

The Flower Girl,


katerina said...

those are some really nice photos! Loving your two color hair!

Nazli said...

Good photos!
And thank you so much for your pretty comment!
Nice Blog -I'll follow you!

Spence. said...

Oh I've just been catching up on your recent posts and all the ones from your trip are just stunning!

Your hair looks awesome in the post below btw ;)

Hazel said...

woooww! lovely museum and photos =)

<3 hazel

Andrés Corella said...

Really nice photos..it looks like a great trip and I love the pictures you posted from the museum..definetely worth the travel


Phelanie said...

that's such a good way to go, museums are such an easy and great place to immerse yourself. :)

Krystal said...

these are such beautiful pictures! what an experience..

I Am Alexa said...

Love your photos!! :)

Jihee said...

Amazing pictures! I'm so jealous of you! everything looks so beautiful!♥

Holly Golightly said...

Great photos, Looks like a blast.

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

if you love art, history and museum, you'll love louvre in paris! omg, such beauty!! :))


VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Nice shots ;)


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

this all looks wonderful!

Chelsea Lane said...

these photos are insanely amazing, what gorgeous pieces!


veda said...

seems like you have a good freezing time..
Closet Test Tube

Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds great and I love those photos:)
Happy Sunday, sweetie

lizzie said...

this is a wonderful post, and a lovely blog :) thankyou for the sweet comment too, i am trying to convert the world to disposable cameras! x

Marielle said...

Nice picss!

Andreea said...

Great shots, i bet you had a lot of fun!

♥ kisses ♥


Emma said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a lovely time. Museums are great when you've got the time to have a proper wander round. Lovely! x

DilaanD said...

wonderful pics!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Gorgeous pics. I love the museums. They're a great place to get lost in.

Check out my blog and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

aiz kim said...

it does look very wintry out there. Love love these photos!

Anthea said...

Awesome pics as always Ching!

Embracing Style

angelina wong said...

Amazing pics! love'em..


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

im probably really late on this but i love your hair!!!


FATTY said...

lovely picture... very nice

raeny said...

Too awesome!! I wanna see more pictures!!! I'm still in denial that you're actually there now. I miss youuuu Lucy-goosey!! <3

Rachael said...

Gorgeous shots - your blog is gorgeous!

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