Stephen King I Am?

I write like
Stephen King
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Wow I didn't expect that at all! Well, at least I am comforted by the fact that I have an ingeniously dark and eerie side to my manner of writing. I mean come on, I've been reading the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe for goodness sakes (and it's a thick arse book), I'd eventually get a tip or two from all that perusal.

Ok so I've never read a Stephen King book yet.  My favorite authors as of the moment are Sidney Sheldon, Jane Austen, Paulo Coelho and Edgar Allan Poe.

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So... who did you get?

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Phoebe R said...

It says...
I write like
Douglas Adams

I dunno who he is. hahaha I like Edgar Allan Poe too. Dave Eggers and of course JK R. :D

ching said...

^it's time to google Douglas Adams.

it says that his famous work is The
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
isn't that a movie? haha

Paislea Elyse said...

i love your blog! it's so cute! thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! you are so sweet!


ching said...

^awww shocks. love your blog as well. :D

littlemissjuicy said...

I got William Gibson. I have no idea who he is! :p

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I got Stephen King too. Lol. I guess that's a compliment. After all, he's written like 100 million books or something. :P

Anyway, I really like your blog. And it seems we have a lot in common. At least, author-wise!

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