Raj made it + hostage siege

I woke up late for the live viewing but no worries I made it to the swimsuit portion. Julien kept my phone busy texting me live feeds of the event. haha

I was ecstatic and flapping my hands like crazy when Ms. Philippines, Venus Raj, made it to the top 15, then to top 10 then top 5! And owning that 4th runner up spot isn't all that bad. It's such a huge leap for anyone to make it that far. Her name keeps being called at the last spot. It's such a thrilling moment. Congrats to all the beautiful ladies.

MS. MEXICO, Jimena Navarette, IS MS. UNIVERSE 2010.

Ms. Mexico's Glamshot
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Top 5
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On a sad note,
RIP to the 8 Hongkong victims during a hostage siege at Manila.
It is disappointing to see their response system quite unorganized but they did their best.

image from here
SWAT members take position as body lies

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Rose said...

I love watching the Ms world parade, my favourite part is seeing all the beautiful dresses.


Janelle said...

omg, ms mexico is soo pretty!! dang, i missed the show but i'm happy for ms philippines.. i think if she had a better answer on the last question, she might have gotten the 3rd or 2nd. :)


Jess said...

I've been to Manila before.

KcomeKarolina said...

she's gorgeous!
thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment!
cu soon on my blog :D remember you can follow me on bloglovin and facebook!
xoxo from rome

jamie-lee said...

Wow she is beautiful! I missed the whole show!


Von said...

Thanks for following my blog =D And for your very sweet comments!!

haha...reading this, I just realised I'd promised my friend I'd watch this tonight....oops ;)

Aralka said...

Wow, this woman is really gorgeous!

dreamy princess said...

Miss Mexico is so pretty..(:
So sad about the incident in Philippine. The news are everywhere..:(
Hope it ends so soon..

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Camila F. said...

I saw that hostage siege in the TV yesterday. How sad, right?

Ms Mexico is also a pretty lady, so I guess she deserved it! :)

kathi eric said...

Miss Mexico is just gorgeous. Thanks for swinging by. I'm following you. :)

kathi folds five

ashley said...

I think the best term is "breakeven". We lost and we gained; although our gain is not big enough to make up for the loss. God bless the Philippines.


wow i wish i looked like any of them 5!!!

its simple love said...

Oh how fun! Love the photos from the contest. I did not watch but it's fun to see the results! Congrats to miss mexico!


Paislea Elyse said...

i love miss philippines. she's so gorgeous!


johanna said...

She's so Beautiful!


Thank you for stopping by, yeah it was allright I mean school isn't the funniest place too be at but it's important!=)


Pop Champagne said...

RIP for those hostages. Miss Universe is quite pretty, she doesn't look mexican at all though! haha!

Madeline Weber said...

SO glad she won! but thats really unfortunate about hongkong ):


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i loved her in that red dress!


Ken said...

i saw both of these on the news yesterday =P

miss mexico is gorgeous

and that thing in the philippines is horrible. i heard they were from hong kong

Anything but Bland said...

wow she is soooo pretty! Thanks SO much for your kind hearted words!!! :)

love, polly

amanda said...

hihi thanks for visiting my blog :)
I think miss mexico looks gorgeouss

Becca said...

I didn't watch the paegent, but from all the pictures I've seen today, Miss Mexico is stunning!! Not to say that the rest of the girls are shabby looking!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Congrats to Venus. At least we made it to the top 4. Woohoo!

Seema said...

They are all so stunning, but i reckon miss mexio was def deserving of the title :)


v a m p i r e said...

my deepest sympathy to the departed , i saw it on the news

but what i hate most is people who say mean stuff about the country , i think someone wrote Philippines is the worst country to visit

which i think is rude , ignorant and not so pleasant

anyway i missed out the Miss Universe show , ahhh dang !

p/s thank u for your comment in my blog , i would love to be your friend :)

With Love


Revival on top said...

well miss spain isn't in the top 5 xD we can't win everything !! :P xoxo IRENE

blivbook said...

Ms.Mexico deserves it, totally! Shes gorgeous! We missed out too! Yet, B got to watch it till the bikini part.
of course, rip to those tourists.

Cheers, B & Liv

ash said...

wah.. congratulations!

Marisa Fransiska said...

great post darl !thx for ur comment, anw :)

Lizbeth said...

They are all so stunning...jelous much!!!

xx http://crumberlingcookies.blogspot.com/

Taj Acosta said...

I missed watching this again this year! That's awesome for ms. Philippines though to make it that far! xoxo

Reina said...

oh my gosh thats horrible about the 8 that died in Hong Kong.

My name is Chloé said...

She's gorgeous!

xx Chloé - lapenderiedechloé*

Christine Lilwood said...

SHe's fantastic ;D

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