escaped and broke away

August 12-13 -- Bohol trip with my mom.

I needed this. I was too stuck on the same place feeling static. I wanted to get out and my prayers were answered. When my mom told me she needed someone to go with her, a smile lit up. I had 3 hours to prepare when all I actually brought was my camera, clothes, toothbrush and shades.

The Star Crafts boat. We got there about 45min. Weird how the name of the boat is similar to a computer game. haha

the little red jeep ride that greeted us 'beep beep' when we got to Bohol and went 'vroooom'

go mr. driver man, take us to anywhere.

We headed to some furniture shops where they made quality furnitures from variety of woods. We only saw a few coz the showcase room was closed. We proceeded to Garden Cafe where they make the meanest halo-halo, instead.

hello Mr. Philippine flag! Stand tall, stand proud!

mom and i. She has her glasses, I have my RayBans. *wink

halo halo from Bohol, baby! I told you they were mean. Rawwwrrr.

mama had to buy a Cowboy Hat. howdy howdy howdy!

sight seeing.. :))

went to Mdm. Herry's 73rd birthday party at her Marebes Beach Resort where we slept overnite. It was the hawaiian party of the year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Our breakfast was pretty interesting. We were joined with Bohol's richest people. I don't know why I was even there but I enjoyed listening to the politics, show business, charity works and inside jokes. When I'm their  age, I'll achieve a lot too. I know I will.

After that we went site seeing a little more at Tubigon, Bohol. Stopped over at a cemetery place and at the Mayor's Office. Then we had lunch at a snazzy fine dining place before we went back to our boat.

my window seat as we were heading back home to Cebu. It's the march of the clouds! Don't mind the dirty windows.

I needed to be in tune with myself, spend time with my mom and I had that.
I'm feeling good right now. :)

Escape and live!

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Under the Fluorescents said...

i love jeeps! wranglers are my dream car :)


Lily said...

Nice photos. :D Looks like fun. :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

thx,,i like the cowboy hat..

wanna exchange link and follow me??

Boonsong said...

Cool trip.
Cool blog.

Have a nice day, Boonsong

STACY said...

seems like you had anawesome time!
love the photos and that ice-cream/drink :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

hahaha don't worry I spend years to pack, you're not alone.. :) these are nice photos you looked like you had so much fun!

i see you followed my twitter, i'm following back :))

Daiane said...

i like the photos and the colors in them. seems you had an amazing time!



The Owl's Closet said...

beautiful pictures! looks like u had a blast with ur mom:) ooo halo halo, yum! thanks again for dropping by my blog:)


JoewardM said...

wow!these photos are so amazing.i've been to cebu and i really loved it!bad thing i didn't get to visit bohol.btw,tnx for dropping by and following my blog! :]

Simona said...

looks like a nice trip :)

Jony said...

Love these pictures!!

Vell said...

i love the first one photo, and that red car is lovely :)

behindblueeyes said...

amazing pics :D and nice blog


AlvianaKalin said...

lovely photos!

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

i really love the feel of this photos! amazing :) x

c a r l l a said...

nice photos

visit my blog too dear

silviasiantar said...

i love your blog. following you now


Jessica said...

nice photos, looks like a nice trip!

--Sanam-- said...

Loving the photos :D and your sunglasses are very cool :D looks like you had a great time there :D

oh and by the way,thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog yesterday.Its much appreciated :D i love getting new readers and followers all the time,so thanks :D


Closet Fashionista said...

That looks so fun!!! :D Mommy to the rescue to get you out of boredom!

Missy Cheeks said...

tks 4 ur visit.
great cars

Style Goddesses said...

Lovely photos! Looks like a good trip! Millie xx


rebecca said...

those milkshake/ice creams look so good!


Style and coffee said...

WOW! nice pictures aaand yummy ice creams!
I know that feeling when you need to leave... it's great your mother needed someone!


Anna Leo said...

You're so lucky sweetie

More than Mode said...

Lovely pictures!!
I would love to go to there!! I've been traveling around asia for 6 months, but I don't have time to go there... :( I wil go next time, I know it's beautiful!!
Thanks for you comment!! ;)


Savanna M. said...

Great Photography!
and a lovely blog :)

Violetta E. said...

love pics

nookie said...

awesome photos dear!

Breee said...

these pictures are amazing :)

glad you had fun!

thanks for checking out my blog!

I'm following you! follow me too!


Tanvi said...

Great shots! Love the effect on the pictures! :)

Kerry said...

lovely post,sometimes you do need to just get away from it all! its so nice that you went with you mum too:)
thank you for the comment on my blog:)

much love



Becca said...

Sounds like a lovely impromptu trip and the photos are fantastic!!

Also, be sure to check out my blog for a chance to win a pair of earrings! Hope to see you over there.

xo Becca @ Free Honey

WrenRennard said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I looove your blog. The pictures and words are great - Following now x

Anything but Bland said...

oooh I see you have Eternal Sunshine in your favorite movies! I like you already :)

thanks for commenting! I am a new follower!

love, polly :)

Marissa said...

i love that jeep, so cute! my mother is from the Philippines. thank you for sharing this :) you must have had so much fun!


DianAurora said...

i love the last photo ! so beautiful (:


jemina said...

Beautiful Beautiful pictures
Thanks so much for sharing
I LOVE them all!!!

Big Hugs

Lena said...

Really nice photos! And i really like how you set the storyline!

Have fun, Lena!


Vicki said...

absolutely fabulous photos!! :) x

Effi said...

Hey, thx for your lovely comment(: gorgeous pics. lovely blog(:
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mmine:

Aki No Yuutsu said...

Awesome photos!!!
Love them all!

Indie.Tea said...

I've never been to the Philippines (but I just completed a class on Filipino history, culture, and social justice)...and your lovely pictures make me wish I could visit.

Half Dressed said...

Looks like you had fun, great photos :)

L x
Half Dressed

KatarinaGK said...

lovely pics!

Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks so much for stopping by - I love your blog...great photos. I'm now following. Feel free to join in on any of the photo challenges. I'd love to have you.

Roni said...

I know they're just ordinary things, but the photos look pretty amazing. I'm glad you had a good day!

Becky said...

Great pics!
Thank you for commenting on my blog (^_^)


Didz-W said...

wow..u really are good in photo taking and those are great shots! ;) glad u had great times!
hey, btw, why i can't seems to be your blog followers? i've tried few times but failed :(

Sarah said...

Awesome pictures Ching! Looks really fun :D

Audrey. said...

Your photos are so beautiful !

kerry said...

wow!!! these photos are awesome! i love your raybans, a definite must in my outfit choosing haha!!!! just love your blog. definitely your new fan :)


Molly said...

Your trip looks like it was fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by to say "hi!" Especially so I could discover Your blog.

Anything but Bland said...

wow! love these! thanks your your comment! looks like a lovely time!

love, polly :D

Andrea said...

Beautiful pics! I know how you felt, I often feel the same way. And trips are perfect to get away from everything, sometimes is enough just few hours. Important is that you feel better now, I'm glad you enjoyed:)

Vina said...

ow, that drink with ice cream on the top of it looks gooood!

ching said...

@vina: that icecream on the top concoction is called HALO-HALO :)

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