ziplining + SRP fireworks

may 8, 2010-that afternoon:

the weather aligned itself beautifully for us and produced a semi cloudy semi sunny condition for an adventure to shake us in our shorts/skirts/pants-- ZIPLINING @ Doce Pares, Busay.

It was a hair raising, voice box shrieking event. I was facing the setting sun and it dawned on me that I actually am an adrenaline seeker. I was shouting and smiling like crazy so that if in case I do fall, I fall with a smile on my face. Haha. It was exhilarating and I wanted more. I'm gonna come back for the 400 meter zipline they said that they have constructed right now.

may 8, 2010-that evening:

we went to SRP and found it in a very very rare traffic jam because of the SRP event which includes fireworks display. Despite the traffic, we got there just in time to countdown for the lights show.

Funny event:
-the SRP subway discovery was fun too. We shouted for our presidentiables til our larynx goes off.
-the radio dedication by Xtian.s sister gave me bumps. Rushiru is officially a cool alias now.
-kuya taxi driver was cool with us partying in his taxi cab. LOL
-we saw a Dan Humphrey look alike at I.T. Park. He was oozing with tattoos and eye-candiness.

This day was truly a busy, smile filled day that I can't possibly forget. We are spending every waking day with Xtian since she is slowly slipping away from us and from the Philippines. The party don't start until she walks in-- that's true for Xtian.

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princessngaako said...

I wanna try zip lining! Ugh. And nice pictures too!

ceedee said...

cool! i miss my girl friends coz of this post. i wish we could do soemthing like this too. :)

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