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I'm that kind who doesn't wear those ballers. The Noynoy, Roxas, Villar, Binay, Gibo, etc. color schemes are cute and all but I think we are the only country who makes this political race into a colorful carnival struggle with some verbal bashing in between. Enjoyable too. Either I can see them crumbling down or they bash more while they're at it. The usual pathetic novelty jingle songs are drilling in your head so hard that it'll turn into a LSS.

Those string of banners full of head shots of candidates smiling their pearly whites are all my eyes can possibly fathom. The inevitable question is "Who am I voting for?". I have a clue but this clue is merely a result from what other people have been telling me, what they probably wanted other people to hear. It's exciting really, but I haven't gotten around to really scrutinizing the potential next President of the Republic of the Philippines.

I've come across this in facebook. I know it's only some of the presidential candidates but every little info helps.

A little green flag is popping in my head. But then again, I have to watch more of those Harapan sessions.

I urge that whoever you vote for is your decision. Don't be whimmed by what others tell you. Take a stand and truly believe that this person can truly uplift us. We need change.

Who are you voting for President?

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stella said...

i always like dick gordon, but i doubt hes ever gonna win this battle.
grabe ung cheating spree nila i bet.. for sure naa nai dako na gubot this coming elections.

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

This is such a difficult decision. May 10 is fast approaching and I haven't truly made up my mind. Cliche as this may sound, I do hope people will vote wisely. Let us hope for the best for the Philippines. :)

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

good message!


i@иn℮™ said...

"A little green flag is popping in my head." - oh, i think great minds think alike?? oh, just overreacting. i think i just have to stick with my conviction.

Paola ♥ said...

Late comment, but I voted for Gordon. Proud to say though he didn't win the elections.

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