I adore Loochy's (my phone's name) wallpaper. It embodies summer love.
I love summer and summer loves me.
I've been missing out lately on the beach invites and it's killing me. I know my priorities and summer can wait but there's always that certain "oh maaan, i should have gone with them" feeling.

What wallpaper does your phone have?

a good friend of mine had this as her wallpaper

sweet. <3

7 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

Toni Marie Despojo said...

When it's not my picture? Hahaha.
I'm not totally vain though.
Right now it's a wallpaper by Charuca illustrations.
I love Japanese inspired art. ^^

chingching said...

@toni: waaah silly me.
choi jd, samot ka choi coz Japanese art.. XD

モイラ said...

whoa your wallpaper look sexi xD jk :P

Kitty said...

nalungkot ako bigla :| i remember my phone T_T it has a name too T_T waaaah XD

ava estrella said...

this is wallpaper. HAHA.


hopless romantic eh? :))

Paola ♥ said...

Nice. :)
My wallpaper is really dependent on my mood. LOL, currently it's spongebob. :D

chingching said...

@morla: IKR? sexi summer loving.

@kitty: what was your phone's name?

@ava: darn! those are some cute eggs.

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