rhea & alden's birthday beach bash

April 12-2010What a neat way to start the summer and spend their birthdays.
Islands Banca Cruises did their part well and sent us out to Hilotongan and Pandanon Island for wetness, snorkels, fishies and sandbar. Such majestic places. I didn't mind laying in the sun coz it was so peaceful.

Thank you birthday girl and boy for the smiles, kayak, cold towels and laughs.

4 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

rheasanchez said...


And thanks for making the trip with us Lucy~ ;]

Nina Nia Bovan said...

WOW! Excellent pics! It looks like you had an awesome tiiime! ;))

Patricia Maurie said...

Beautiful beach. Where is that? :)

chingching said...

@rhea: no thank you rhe!!
@patricia: at Hilitongan Island and Pandanon Island at Cebu.

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