Nokia E63, i own you!

Thank you for a lovely graduation present. :D
I'm so giddy, I could rip up that box!(but I won't)

I’ve just bought a Nokia E63 today with my mom. It’s 9,800php when I bought it at SM Cebu. I’m very happy with Ruby Red design, the wifi, the Adobe (i’m reading some novels from it) and everything else in between. I named this baby, Loochy.

I just kinda hoped it had a cable included in the box. That’s the bummer part.
I just have to own Ruby Red. Black and silver has become too monotonous for me.

Did I mention about a certain breakage fee that our school returns to us? Oh yesss, the day I had that cheque in hand was the day I would prolly realize the feeling of a person's "first pay day".. you know! And when it was finally cashed, was the day I had to pull my bag close to me no matter what.

9 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

Chyng said...

cool present!
mga boss ko lang meron nyan, ako wala. Ü

Eye said...

Hey, thanks for the kind comment, and congrats to that great phone!!!!!
many greetings!!!

Sendzki said...

i'm not really into phones..basta me call and text ok na..pero pag bibigyan ako ng pera pambili ng cellphone..ito siguro ang pipillin ko o iPhone ^_^ congrats sa bago mong phone..ingatan! haha

Anonymous said...

What? its only 9,000+? Nabili ko yung akin ng 12,000 :( Awww. haha! - Anyway, I own white E63 the limited edition. E63 is really cool. Its perfect for my personality and needs :)

Toni Marie Despojo said...

Ching!! Congrats!!!

OMG, I've been reading too much novels from my phone too!! LOL.

Post a review on your new phone!! :))

Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

Congrats on your graduation!

Didz-W said...

lol! that's a cute name for a phone. I own Nokia E71, I never named it though. ;)

nice : ) said...

wow..i like your phone! :D congrats on your graduation! :)

chingching said...


@marla: wow u own the same one too? high five!! we can relate to each other..

@toni: ill try. not good at making techie reviews.lol

@didz-w: amazing! i was eye-ing the e71 but was too expensive. and they didnt have a red one.hehe :D

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