500gb of awesomeness!

It was none of the choices I narrowed down to in my previous post here, but then again, it's Seagate!

Seagate Free Agent External Hard Drive 500GB for Php4,700 at PC Express Cebu.

I can now heave a sigh of relief. Phew! I have a huge music collection and I can't imagine it blowing up in smitherins if anything happens to it.

6 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Sendo said...

oh my..was looking for an external hd yesterday! found a 6.5k at cd r king with 6.5gb on it...but i think this one's better...wow...i really need an HD to haul my files from my laptop T_T but i have to save more to reach that price hehe

elys15 said...

cool! i envy you xD

chingching said...

@sendo: its a fairly reasonable price that I found for a 500gb. i dont rely much on the ex.hard drives @ cdr. if u want a reliable one, either go for Seagate or WD.

chingching said...

@tep: no worry tep, you'll have an upgrade soon.

Sendo said...

tingin ko nga...pero nag aantay pa rin ako sa cd r king ..hehe..pero i think mas ok sayo ... alangan naman punta pa ko diyan huhu hehe...me ibang mga products ng cd r kings na naglalast long naman haha...sana swertehin hehe

chingching said...

cdr king is okay.. sometimes. :D

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