pirates pillaged my facebook!

Well, if you look really close on the ones I've encircled. You can notice the pirate-y words all over my facebook. It's coz I changed my language setting to that of a pirate. I just think it's more fun that way and I've only just realized its awesomeness just now.

Go to ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT SETTING > LANGUAGE... then just change it to ENGLISH (pirate).

I can't stop cracking up.
Let me ROFL way down to my sheets.
I could totally get in touch with my big bad pirate-y side. Now let's be mateys and rum all around!

Go ahead and try it.

14 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

mapi said...

facebook is really fun and convinient to use. It's not boring like friendster.

elys15 said...

thanks for introducin the pirate language cil~ lingaw jud kooo xD

Putri Estiani said...

i've never known that there is a pirate language for facebook! thanks for sharing.

oh by the way, thanks for following my blog. i've followed you back.
try downloading Polpot and Ol' Dirty Bastard. Be amazed :)

hana talita said...

they have that? I didn't know~
*trying it*


chingching said...

@mapi: ahaha friendster is so yesterday.

@putri and hana: go go and try it! you'll be ARRRR-ing your way to fun.

Skeeper said...

i tried this thing before too! ^_^

thanks for sharing this again :D

chingching said...

@skeeper: its so much fun ryt?XD

Olis said...

I tried this one. Nakakatawa talaga! Hahahahahahaha! My sister found it funny too. Thanks for introducing us to the FB pirate language :D

Elaine New said...

tat is so cute!!! haha.

chingching said...

@olis @ elaine: ARRRRR glad u liked it! ahaha

Dori and Auj said...

try ko nga to.. hehe :)

chingching said...

go go and let me know what u think!

nice : ) said...

wow! this is so COOL!! :))

Arjoie said...

waaa..its cool
ma try nga..hehe, thanks for this..:D

~ lalala ~

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