techno downfall

Sad enough my lappy was dead last Wednesday. I was too depressed to do anything so I did what I do best: Read! I got my read on for 2 days until my lappy was finally fixed AND... it's got a new and improved sound system! Thank you Creative!

Okay so my files were reformatted. The cause of my depression is the loss of all my movies. I haven't watched some of the movies that I was about to drool on now that Valentine's was here.

These were on my Valentines movie list:

Of course this is newly showed, so this on top of my list! Americans and love stories = yey!

A glimpse on how New Yorkers love!

And now how the French will love!

And this is from the British's POV of love!

What have you noticed among all the movies?
I call that kind of movies the Love Knows No Boundaries Syndrome. :D

2 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

hana. said...

i like love actually most. but haven't seen paris je'taime. is it any good?

chingching said...

@hana: love actually made me jerk out some tears. i havent finished DL-ing it yet... hehe. i got a feeling its good!

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