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Priest tells Pinoys: Give up Facebook during Lent

MANILA, Philippines - Can you give up Facebook and videogames during Lent?
According to former Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, Filipino Catholics should abstain from videogames, movies, texting and even social networks as a form of sacrifice during the Lenten season.

"All these sacrifices such as abstaining from movies, Facebook, videogames, texting and eating pork are a form of mortification of the flesh. It is a form of self-denial that is meant to elevate the spiritual needs over the physical," he said in an interview.

Cruz said time away from computers and games would mean more time for reflection. He added, however, that Filipino Catholics should also focus on doing more good works such as giving to the poor during Lent.
Cruz's call echoes a similar proposal by British Church leaders urging people to give up their iPods and abstain from using technology at least for a day.

The retired archbishop had earlier encouraged Catholic bishops to use blogs as a tool to evangelize people.

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モイラ said...

wow you doing Lent? we same then :P
but I'm only lent twitter not facebook

chingching said...

@morla: yupppp. every day i allot myself 1 hour for the internet. :D

bow bout u?

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