Miss Cebu 2010

Cebu has the mother of all fiestas as well as the grandest beauty pageant under our radar.

Finalists for Miss Cebu 2010 will grace the Pageant Night on January 12, 2010 at  Pacific Grand Ballroom, Waterfront Hotel and Casino. 

Get to know the ladies:

My vote is on Finalist No. 11. :D


Miss Friendship: Candidate #11: Rogelie “Roj” A. Catacutan
Miss Photogenic: Candidate #11: Rogelie “Roj” A. Catacutan
Miss Belo Star White Skin: Candidate #8: Carole Monique “Blinky” A. De Leon
Miss Belo Body Beautiful: Candidate #8: Carole Monique “Blinky” A. De Leon
Lifetime Achievement Awardee: Felix Yu
Best in Evening Gown: Candidate #8: Carole Monique “Blinky” A. De Leon
Best Evening Gown Designer: Cary Santiago (gown worn by Candidate #8: Carole Monique “Blinky” A. De Leon)
The TOP 5: (in no particular order)
- Candidate #8: Carole Monique “Blinky” A. De Leon
- Candidate #11: Rogelie “Roj” A. Catacutan
- Candidate #4: Reena Elena “Reena” A. Malinao
- Candidate #1: Maria Gresa “Gresa” M. Lugo
- Candidate #10: Maria Eliza “Liza” R. Zosa

4th runner-up: Candidate #8: Carole Monique “Blinky” A. De Leon
3rd runner-up: Candidate #11: Rogelie “Roj” A. Catacutan
2nd runner-up: Candidate #10: Maria Eliza “Liza” R. Zosa
1st runner-up: Candidate #1: Maria Gresa “Gresa” M. Lugo
Miss Cebu 2010 and Kapamilya Star of the Night: Candidate #4: Reena Elena “Reena” A. Malinao

my five bets have made it to the top 5.
kudos to all the winners!

2 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

Mae said...

i cant pick between no.8 and no.11.

they're both stunning! :D

chingching said...

@mae: nice choices. now #11 has two votes already! wee

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