it's 4 times your iPhones!

Oh my... Steve Jobs has up-ed it again and again. The iPad is going to be another exciting and revolutionary experience on the palms of your hands. People have been bashing it lately but those are just haters.



Screen 9.7in across diagonal
Thickness: Half an inch
Weight: 1.5lb (680g)
Screen: Touch-sensitive, LED backlit screen. Virtual keyboard appears on screen for typing
Use: Can download videos, music, books and newspapers while on the go. It includes a speaker microphone and compass
Battery: 10 hours of use. More than one month on standby

and the good old spoof on the iPad has surfaced: (and don't get me started on photos too!)

The iPad - watch more funny videos

4 ₪ ø lll ·o.:

モイラ said...

OMG :O it's huge xD

chingching said...

@morla: books are gonna be ancient history! :D

Anonymous said...

that is too awesome to pass out.
but i prefer my macbook still.

bacon said...

the spoof is hilarity! XD

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