google chrome

i now use Google Chrome. its snazzier and faster. -got that from my twitter.

I've been told by a good I.T. friend that several benchmark tests have been conducted on Chrome's speed and could you believe that Chrome performed much faster than competitors such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Security for Chrome is tight, well for the moment that is.

Originally I've been using Internet Explorer for as long as I could remember but noticed the weight the web browser has every time I open a new tab, so I moved on to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has been kind to me for a few months. But I noticed that everytime I open it, it hangs for minutes and I'm a very impatient person so this doesn't suit me at all. It wasn't until a friend of mine suggested I use Google Chrome. and voila! I haven't complained yet.

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モイラ said...

Whoaa i think i'm gonna try to use it too. :D thanks for the info sis ;p

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