Thank You 2009.


Why thank you for a year worth looking back on. Let the laughs and tears haunt me. And by doing so I would love to list down all the beautiful happenings of my year and how friendship and family binds all these things:

In no random order and I know there are more but these are the only events my noggin can come up with for now:

-Sky Walk Experience
-Night of the Stars: Garland Ceremony 2009
-A good Friday the 13th at Banaglaum (my first ever Psychiatric exposure)
-island hopping getaway
-blue reef fun
-english play
-sleep overs
-reading the Secret
-Gigi graduates
-modeling at pier
-new cooking set-lotsa food
-my first time wii-ing
-cancervive ballers
-100 nyts
-tech upgrade to an iPod Classic 160GB and a PSP.

I know there's more to what happened than just those on the list. Oh yeah, it's weird how a lot of celebrities have died this year too, namely: Micheal Jackson, Cory Aquino, Brittany Murphy, etc. Death is inevitable so if it's there time then it is. They're going to a better place.

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