100 nights

oh contrair, 116 nights 'tis for the sole reason that our Graduation is 116 nights away.

For months now the production crew have been meeting non stop for an event to blow our parents, teachers and fellow students away. Indeed it has proven to be laborous and fruitful. I love how everything just came together around 2 nights before the show. I left school about 1am to help make, carry, staple, glue, decorate stuff.

The good side about this whole endeavor is meeting new people, people i never thought were actually my batchmates! I'm so thrilled to have met them, to have learned about them and being with them (expecially eye candies ex. "Choi" Pepito, "Pianist" Mark, "Braces" Ivan, and my props team too)

pre production (we are 5 out of 60 of the whole production team; time check 12am)

4j as Intermission number

SG <3

bevis with <3


0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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