moaboal '09

What a trip it was. 2 Days and Night was all that mattered to reunite with former highschool friends and meet up new friends on the whole process.

October 23-24.
Attendance: lazyll, clare, mhic, karen, irish, clare, ed, jhumar, galo, lanrey, lao, lucille, emma, bim2, maricor, emman, mariel, bato

ug c blossom (our Labrador dog, newly befriended)

Snapshots of what went on there:
-cheerdance formation tutorials with mhic, mariel and bato
-fantasy volleyball game
-one woman pageant contest by mariel
-el hombre tequila plus the crying
-swimming with the super massive waves
-photoshoooooooots (yep that extensively)
-sleeping on a tent with loads of sand
-massage by clare and vis-a-vis
-a whole lot of talking about the past, present and future.
-a whole lot of laughing from our past pranks

more pics at my FB or Multiply :D


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