spice girls with manager

That's what we call ourselves. Silly huh? But who cares. When the 5 of us get together, we crack ourselves up by just staring into each other's eyes, more like drilling into each other's brains.

I was super happy we bonded over a Thursday afternoon at Gladys's house. Japet and Vince were there too.

-dvd hunting
-julien and emma fighting over the camera, just so J could delete a super goofy pic of her
-j got a booboo while she's at it. "tetanus...oohh....tetanus"
-the pizza was super huge. Calda's pizza couldn't fit through the door
-watching The Uninvited got us into a debate over why the ending is what it was
-watched Nights in Rhodanthe. didn't finish it... pizza arrived
-mimicking over each other personality (mostly jacky's style)
-multiple shots addiction
-kropek, coke, ngohiong, more coke, cookies
-video-ing the corniest and cheesiest of love quotes
-wonder girl's nobody rendition
-talking, chika-ing, impersonating
-sobrang cheesinnes takes

Darn. We went home around 8. That was so much fun. Next stop would be any of the rest of our house.



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